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Cases & Appointments

Custom Cases & Appointments

Cases are all made of English bridle leather and are hand sewn.
Cases also can be repaired. All case work is done in a fashion that imitates the original

so that the repair is not noticeable.


All Holsters are made to fit individual so consultation with the owner is necessary.

Mounted Gun Holster



Cartridge Pouch


Mounted Gun Holster


Custom made Appointments.
Hound Couples


Fly Whisk (your tail)


Radio Case prices may vary because it seems no two radios are alike.

Therefore a case has to be designed around the individual radio.

$250 - $300.00 Depending on the radio.

Mounted Radio Case


Radio Case


This Case was designed around a Epinephrine Syringe (Bee sting kit)
 Large Sandwich Case

$400.00 (front view)

 Large Sandwich Case

$400.00 (rear view)

Hound Leads

Available with either a sewn loop or a braided loop.





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