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Whip Repairs

Whip Stock Repair Examples: Click on a Photo to see a larger example.

Lash repair usually consists of replacing the “eye” of the lash that has broken off. I usually replace the point of the lash with a “fall”. This is replaceable and takes the beating for the lash point. It also increases the working length of the lash. Occasionally the leather of the lash is too old to tie. On these occasions the “fall” is sewn to the remaining point.
Approximately $40

Whip Lash Repair

Whip Lash Repair

There are two methods of attaching a cracker (popper) to the fall. This depends on where the fall is broken. When the fall becomes too short, a replacement can be fitted fairly easily.
Approximately $20

Cracker Tied to fall.

Cracker threaded though button hole slot in fall.

Whip stock repairs usually amount to the replacement of the “stock keeper” with a new one. Either sewn or “loose” keepers are available.
Approximately $85

Whip Stock Repair

A Whip Stock Keeper was added

and the stock shortened slightly.

Whip Stock Repair

A piece of Horn was used to replace

the Stag Hook which had become lost.


• The other common whip stock repair is “recovering” the stock and/or hook replacement or modification.


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